Leclerc 45″ Mira Update

Leclerc’s Mira is the original Leclerc workhorse. Its 4 shaft counterbalance construction is perfect for rugweavers as well as any weaver that wishes the stability of a sturdy, rigid frame loom. Because it utilizes a fixed frame design the Mira has a larger footprint than looms with a folding back beam. This longer depth, solid hardwood construction, and square frame gives the loom stability when harder beating is required (ie. rug weaving). The loom is the perfect choice for high volume applications. A flying shuttle beater can be added to speed up production. The counterbalance shed is wide and clean and the heavy duty cloth beam ratchet mechanism and warp beam friction brake enable the weaver to put a high tension on the warp. Both the breast beams and the cloth beam can be easily removed in seconds and optional rakes can be added to the warp beam to turn it into a sectional warp beam.