Spinning Wheel & Supplies

When buying the Leclerq Fanny weaving loom a few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to buy a spinning wheel as well?  I said yes. There was not enough room in the car to bring back the loom and the wheel and supplies.  Today the wheel and supplies arrived…


I emptied the boxes, spread them out across the lawn and aired them thoroughly…


…I sorted, and repacked them…





…I was really impressed with the volume, quality, and care which the previous owner had given her belongings.  I also received a wonderful addition to the books that I have already acquired (top 2/3 of the pile is new)…


…I feel like I won the lotto without even playing!  The supplies were all for free… :)


Sodium Sulphate

On Monday I was driving along the #1 across Saskatchewan and passed by Reed Lake, near Chaplain.  It is a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Sanctuary…


As I approached, there were very high winds and the horizon was obscured by the blowing of the sodium sulphate that is mined there…


…and then when I got to the area that was blowing I experienced a total white-out and all I can say is that I was grateful that no one was stopped on the highway or there would have been no chance of avoiding a collision, which I admit would have been my own fault for not having approached more cautiously…


Once home I looked up what is mined there.  It is a 99% pure form of sodium sulphate, which is a non-toxic double salt, and can be used as an evener in fabric dyeing (however, it can be an irritant if not used with discretion).  Depending on the dye being used it can actually work to deepen/embolden the colour in the fabric.

This morning I phoned the mining operation and enquired about where I might be able to obtain a sample or even a 20 kg. bag with which to experiment.  I am waiting for a reply from a local distributor and sent an enquiry to the weaving guild in order to find out if anyone has ever used this chemical?

Who Has A 45″ Fanny? I Do!!! …and proud of it ;)

On Friday I bought, disassembled, and loaded a 45″ Leclerc Fanny loom into my car…DSC00010

Wire heddles, it is in near-mint condition.  It came with three reeds.  Their asking price was $350.  I gave them an extra $100 because of the reeds and condition and they felt good about that…I told them that I thought that their price was too low.  Just another addition to our production capacity here on the farm…