Finishing Ends

I am certain that there is a name for this technique of finishing the ends of the weave, but I do not know it as yet.  My teacher demonstrated this on the end that she started for me.  There are, of course, many techniques that can be employed, but this one is fast and simple and appeals greatly to me as a novice.

This technique is done while the fabric is still on the loom.  This method starts with a length of yarn a couple of times the width of the fabric.  I threaded it into a large wool needle with a rounded end.  I fed it back into the scarf a couple of warp lines from the edge and two waft lines back from the end of the scarf, coming from top to bottom.  Then the yarn is brought to the end of the weave and wrapped around 10 ends, brought back across itself and woven back into the scarf five warps over and two wafts down, and repeated.  Once finished the yarn is then woven back into the waft for an inch or more a couple of threads further into the fabric and trimmed.  And there you have it.  A simple and fast finish to a piece of cloth…

DSC00010 DSC00011