Pouring Cement Power Loom Slab

Yesterday I was up and working at 5 a.m. making the final preparations for pouring our power loom slab.  The sun came up to -5 C outside…-3 C inside the shed.  My friends arrived at 8 a.m. and the first truck came at 8:30 a.m..  Three trucks hauling 5 1/2 yards apiece ran short by a yard of material.  It was my miscalculation.  We had to order one more truck with two yards of material…one yard for another project on our farm.

Here’s our progress as of the second truck while we awaited the arrival of the third…


Floating the first pour (a sump is shown so that we can wash down the shop, collect it there, and pump it out)…


…and the finished job…


At 4 p.m. there was still frost on the grass on the north side of our shed…


A 115,000 BTU heater raised the shed temperature from 3 C to 20 C in the last hour.  Now comes the cure as I await the cement to set enough for me to use a power trowel…

I’m pretty happy and not a little relieved that this is done.  The temperatures are supposed to be cool, but not much below freezing at night for the next week.


First Independent Haskap Dye Results

[JT from] the Manitoba Weaver’s and Spinner’s Guild kindly gave me a bottle of the dye juice.  Wonderful results!  I used 400 grams total of a combination of Shetland/Texel fleece, mohair locks and silk roving.  I continued to use the dye bath for subsequent fibres until it totally exhausted.  In [the] end I dyed roughly 1600 gams of fibre in lighter and lighter shadings.  Thank you for the opportunity to use this dye – I shall order more next summer.  – MH

haskap dye

…thank you MH!