Nilart Folding Jack Loom (Example)



A jack is the part of the loom which is attached on a pivot and is used to raise a shaft. There are usually two jacks for each shaft.

Leclerc Nilart Loom

The Multiple Harness Nilus (MHN) (bottom right) appears to be the predecessor of the Nilart Loom made from the late 1950’s – 1985 by Leclerc.  Its 1957 manual sates: It is constructed the same was as the 4 harness ‘Nilus’ loom except for the mechanism which is different because of the high number of harnesses.  At the time a 45″, 12 harness MHN cost $260…or $2,274 in 2017’s buying power.

A 12 Shaft Leclerc Nilart Loom Will Be Here Soon!


Status: No Longer Produced
Mechanisms: Jack, Countermarche
Shafts: 8, 12, 16 (60″ only)
Weaving Widths: 45″, 60″
Features: Treadles can be attached to front of loom for 8 and 12 shaft, treadles can be attached to rear of loom for 12 and 16 shaft, back beam folds for storage, 8 to 12 and 12 to 16 shaft upgrades and jack to Countermarche conversion kits available, Computer-Dobby 12 and 16 shaft versions (in both 45″ or 60″) produced.

Nilart Assembly Instructions

Nilart Drawings And Parts List

Nilart 8 Shaft To 12 Shaft Conversion

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