Leclerc Nilart Loom

The Multiple Harness Nilus (MHN) (bottom right) appears to be the predecessor of the Nilart Loom made from the late 1950’s – 1985 by Leclerc.  Its 1957 manual sates: It is constructed the same was as the 4 harness ‘Nilus’ loom except for the mechanism which is different because of the high number of harnesses.  At the time a 45″, 12 harness MHN cost $260…or $2,274 in 2017’s buying power.

A 12 Shaft Leclerc Nilart Loom Will Be Here Soon!


Status: No Longer Produced
Mechanisms: Jack, Countermarche
Shafts: 8, 12, 16 (60″ only)
Weaving Widths: 45″, 60″
Features: Treadles can be attached to front of loom for 8 and 12 shaft, treadles can be attached to rear of loom for 12 and 16 shaft, back beam folds for storage, 8 to 12 and 12 to 16 shaft upgrades and jack to Countermarche conversion kits available, Computer-Dobby 12 and 16 shaft versions (in both 45″ or 60″) produced.

Nilart Assembly Instructions

Nilart Drawings And Parts List

Nilart 8 Shaft To 12 Shaft Conversion

Leclerc Loom History