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  • Canadian Textiles 1750 – 1900 – Burnham, Harold B
  • Handweaving in Pioneer Canada – Burnham, Harold B.
  • Keep Me Warm One Night: Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada – Burnham, Harold B.
  • The Comfortable Arts: Traditional Spinning and Weaving in Canada – Burnham, Dorothy K
  • Looms and their Products: Irene Emery Roundtable on Museum Textiles, 1977 Proceedings (First Edition) – Marta Hoffman, Dorothy K. Burnham, Junius B. Bird, Rita \J. Adrosko and others
  • Warp and Weft: A Textile Terminology – Burnham, Dorothy


In less than a year’s time our library on weaving went from nothing to containing more than thirty books and monographs.  Many of them are classics.  By all standards it is only a small collection, but it is a good collection.  Living as remotely as we do we wanted to start a collection that can be used regionally by other weavers.  We purchased only a couple of these books.  Most of them came with the looms that we bought.  It seems that when someone wants to get out of weaving, they are willing to fully unload all of the paraphernalia that goes along with it simultaneously…including literature.  That gain belongs to the weaving community.  Special thanks to everyone who keeps us in mind and passes these books along when it comes to reading and instructional material on fibre, spinning, weaving, and looms.