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This Old Loom – Leclerc Nilart (1975)

kebecsmallIn 1975, Leclerc’s Kebec loom was the most expensive loom they made, ranging from $850 – $914, depending on the accessories.  It’s a large, 4-shaft counterbalance loom with double treadles – 100″ or 120″ wide.

Inserted eye heddles

But their most advanced design at the time was their Nilart loom, a jack loom, available in 8 or 12 lamms.  No longer available it was built on their successful Nilus time-tested design.  The Nilart was either 45″ or 60″ wide and ranged in price from $730 (basic 45″ 8 harness) – $932 (60″, 12 shaft with inserted eye heddles).

nilartsmallThe 12-shaft, 45″ Nilart I picked up on Sunday is a beautiful loom that is well-used, but well-cared for.  It has inserted eye heddles…lots of them on the harnesses.  The cost of this loom was $871 in 1975, which translates to $4,051 in today’s buying power.  I paid $800 two days ago.  And like I said, it is in great shape.

But the real story lies with the person who owned it, A. Gilmer in Winnipeg.  She purchased it from the original owner, June Cameron, long-time MWFA member, weaver, artist, and weaving instructor, also from Winnipeg.

Links for Cameron’s activities/involvement can be found at:

The second owner of this loom relates that June was her first weaving teacher.  She was taught at Ram Wools …back when Ram Wools was a wonderful weaving shop, with a noisy weaving workshop on the second floor (Klank, Kaboom, Klank, Kaboom,  went the looms upstairs…).

A master loom, from a master weaver.  I hope that some of her skill lies resident in the machine!  :)

A 12 Shaft Leclerc Nilart Loom Will Be Here Soon!


Status: No Longer Produced
Mechanisms: Jack, Countermarche
Shafts: 8, 12, 16 (60″ only)
Weaving Widths: 45″, 60″
Features: Treadles can be attached to front of loom for 8 and 12 shaft, treadles can be attached to rear of loom for 12 and 16 shaft, back beam folds for storage, 8 to 12 and 12 to 16 shaft upgrades and jack to Countermarche conversion kits available, Computer-Dobby 12 and 16 shaft versions (in both 45″ or 60″) produced.

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Nilart 8 Shaft To 12 Shaft Conversion

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