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A Tremendous Day!

After years of planning we finally have a permanent location for our 45″ LeClerc Mira loom.  Whereas it had been off to the side before, now it sits prominently in our home with more than enough working space around it.  We have been working toward this day for years.  Now to rig it up and wind a warp.  Wow, are we happy!!!  What a beautiful loom…



Loom Disassembly – 45″ Nilus Leclerc Mira

Nilus Leclerc Mira

This afternoon I unwrapped the loom, took photos so that I could reassemble it, and took it apart so that I could get it through the door.  Basically, it is in very good, workable shape.  It’s a 45″ Nilus Leclrec Mira.  You can tell that it has had some real work done on it, but it is still solid, and not been abused.  I will strip its finish since it shows some wear, and put a new finish on it over the next several days.  Then I will find a place for it and assemble it here.