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Leclerc Nilart Castle Top Repair

Redrilling the holes for the screws that hold down the castle top needed to be done at a slight angle.  The epoxy used to fill the holes will never drill the same as wood.  In order to catch the wood I also changed the screws from pan top to wood screws that were 1/2″ longer so that, once realigned, they would catch the keyhole slots more easily no matter the angle and extend deeper into the castle’s uprights as well…



Once adjusted these aligned perfectly and made the castle top fit snuggly and look wonderful.  No more pressure on the top so that it might break out again…




Castle Top Repair


Evaluating why the castle top was broken today it became clear that the castle uprights had been incorrectly aligned during its initial drilling.  It did not require taking measurements to see this.  It is apparent by just looking.


There was no way for me to redrill new holes correctly lined up.  I mixed epoxy and filled the hole and will drill two new ones once it is set…