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‘The Relationships Among Grab And Strip Strength Values Before And After Abrasion’ – Constance Crowe Adams

Her grandfather circumnavigated the world seven times as captain of a windjammer based out of Truro, Nova Scotia; there were numerous trans-Atlantic crossings.  Her father grew up on those ships and later became a school teacher and married a school teacher.  She followed in her parent’s footsteps, attended normal school and went to teach on Cape Breton in a one room schoolhouse.  Her uncle invited her to Winnipeg where he would fund her university education.  She studied home economics at the University of Manitoba where she received her Bachelors degree, and taught in a one room school in Queens Valley, east of Winnipeg.  Interested in textiles she was accepted at the University of Minnesota for her Masters, graduating in 1950.  Her research involved standardized testing on the breaking strength of cotton fabrics.  Her name was Constance Crowe Adams.  And she is my mother-in-law.  My wife comes by being both a teacher and interested in textiles honestly.  (One of our children is now a fourth generation Canadian teacher.)  Typed on a typewriter its hard copy is difficult to read as it is .


She was an astounding woman and is still dearly missed…