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Dedicated Weaving Shed

Over the past three days we put down plywood, wired, added electrical boxes, insulated, sheeted plastic, and panelled a building that for years has been in the works, namely, a dedicated weaving studio.  Complete with a loft it will be able to accommodate several people in a simple, wooded setting of solitude.  Electricity will be able to be switched between a generator or better yet, 12 volt rechargeable batteries with a solar panel.  The kitchen will be meagre but adequate.  And there is an area for washing up and personal needs.  While not completed, it is now at a point that can be easily heated and worked on over the winter to be fully finished.  Much of the building materials used here are personally made or scrounged in keeping with the self-sufficient nature of weaving itself.

And as of last night…

The ‘Weaver’s Loft’

Summer is always a busy time on the farm.  Weaving as a rule falls by the wayside until fall.  However, a large portion of this summer has been devoted to building a cabin that will serve – in part – as a weaver’s hide-a-way.  Started several years ago most of these materials have been donated to us over the years.  The cabin is 16’x20′ with a sleeping loft.  It has a large – 12′ x 16′ – common area, a kitchen area – 8′ x 8′, a bathing area – 8′ x 8′, and an upstairs loft – 8′ x 16′ – under a pitched roof.  This building will house one of our looms.

We are a Catholic Worker Farm, so our weaving: 1- will be for sale to support our other on-farm projects that go to directly and personally feed the disadvantaged, 2 – will be given away to those in need of honest wool blankets, and 3 – is an appropriate way for others to do non-distractive work while learning meditation or contemplative prayer.

While some of our crops – haskap, apples, and cherries – failed due to drought this summer, this drought opened the way for us to complete this building project that has languished for so long.  The building sits on a lovely trail that runs through nineteen acres of bush that is uphill from the rest of our farm…located along the north base of Thunderhill in Manitoba’s Swan River Valley.

We hereby christen it, the ‘Weaver’s Loft‘:

DSC00005 DSC00008

Dutch doors need to be built when we get enough money or the items are donated.  We’ve been patient for seven years waiting for this place to name itself I guess a couple of more weeks isn’t going to hurt!

It’s been a good summer in this regard…very rewarding.  How many people get to have a sleep-in shed devoted to weaving  while doing something that will directly and personally feed the hungry, while working at practising the presence of God?