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From Bread Bags To Friendship To Covid-19

Last August I got a letter.  It was from a woman two thousand miles away.  She said that my posts on loom restoration had been very helpful in assembling and refurbishing one that she had recently acquired.  Since then we have sent a lot of what we have done back and forth.  Each of our families have chosen to stay at home over the course of this pandemic, and we have found our own ways of being creatively productive.  Her work is amazing; she is a Master weaver.  Over the past couple of months she has woven bread bags, chair upholstery, and scarves, worked on vestments, and sewn virus masks.  It’s amazing!  Here is some of her work…

My own work here has focused on finishing construction on our weaving shop and anchoring our power loom…


…along with getting accessories up and running like this cone winder…

And now I am in to preparing equipment for spring farming, starting with installing new axles and refurbishing some trailers that will be good now for decades to come, and farming equipment…


Isolated on our farm there is no end of work to do over this time when staying separate is the best gift we can offer to one another…well, that and weaving gifts!  :)  Today we start planting our garden for 2020.

A healthy tension will make all the difference at this time for many of us, namely, be compassionate toward others, learn new ways to not become anxious, and realize that others may not have your best interests in mind.

Stay safe!

Power Loom Shop Pad Excavated

It took all afternoon to excavate and level the rest of the 20′ x 40′ area with the loader on our Kubota B3030.  This will be the shed for our power loom.  This is a 6′ high, 8′ deep, and 20′ long pile of soil that came from that excavation.  The pad is dug deep enough to fill with gravel that will compact to 6″, with a 6″ concrete pad, and 9″ of curtain wall along its edges.