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Jano Harness Hangers, Feet, And Beater

Today I finished the harness hanger replacements on the Jano loom.  The original hangers are .125″ diametre.  But they were brittle with age and snapped off when I went to remove them from the harnesses, which I was refinishing.  They were badly rusted as well.  I used a very hard, galvanized fencing wire I have to manufacture new hangers.  it is .110″ diametre and looks like it will work very well…



I also finished making a new beater made out of maple.  It will darken into the traditional maple honey-colour with age…


And I added rubber feet to the legs.  The original casters were porcelain-like, broken, water damaged, and needed replacing.  I used soft rubber cups designed to be slid over smaller-diametre, cylindrical chair legs.  I turned these cups over, trimmed off much of the cup, lightly sanded them on a sander, drilled a hole, and screwed them onto the legs.  They are a very nice addition…