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Wool Fleece Storage

Yesterday we had a wind storm…90 kph/55mph winds that ripped the roofs off of two of our sheds and lifted the lid on one of our fleece storage containers.  Sealed with plastic, plywood, and a tarp, I was pleased today to find that in its three years it has not moulded or experienced insect damage.  I will seal it again tomorrow…



In exchange for helping, I was given the fleece.  We started setting up at 8:00 a.m.; we finished at 7:30 p.m..  It was a long hard day, but that always feels good to me.  And it is good working with a good crew.  We caught and wrestled 50 ewes into the shearing pen, and did general go-for support work.  Then on the way home I had to take a cicuitous route home due to a strong, localized thunderstorm cell that blocked my direct return (rain, which we desperately needed).  The fleeces grew and grew in the back of my pickup as the day progressed.  All of them fit in the end with a tarp tied over them.  Storing them will come later today…

DSC00007 DSC00024 DSC00029