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Flying Shuttle

A friend learned of my wanting to build a flying shuttle on our Leclerc Nilart weaving loom and gave us a flying shuttle that she had…




This is the shuttle after a light sanding with fine sandpaper and then a coat of boiled linseed oil…we do not know its manufacturer…


…we are very thankful!


On Saturday I was given a shuttle that is suitable for using with a hand-powered flying-shuttle box.  I was thrilled.  My mentor had no use for it any longer and gifted it to me over brunch.  Distinguished primarily by its metal ends it is designed to be robust with the metal ends both adding weight as well as protecting the wood when it is both launched and lands.  The metal ends were rough.  Two days ago I decided to smooth them and polish the entire loom…





Professional Handweaving On The Fly-Shuttle Loom – Laya Brostoff


A good copy of this book was purchased from a book seller in Edmonton for $25 CDN and arrived today complete with blueprints and several other documents from its last owner.  I will look through them over the next couple of days and hope to find the plans for building a flying-shuttle on the new Nilart loom.  I really look forward to doing so.