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Mahatma Gandhi Visits Lancashire Textile Mills

As a part of the Indian Independence Movement Mahatmas Gandhi advocated not buying British textiles in favour of their own homespun fabric in a effort to break the hold of empire on the people who were paid a pittance for the raw materials they produced – cotton and dye – and then were expected to buy back British textiles at prices prescribed by empire.  Gandhi lovingly advocated the pride that accompanies good work done on your own behalf among the peoples of India.  In 1931, while on a working trip to England to discuss Indian independence, Gandhi was invited to visit the British mills in a governmental bid to demonstrate to him the plight of the British mill workers at having the textile industry being depressed by India’s actions.  Gandhi simply said, ‘I love these people as my own children,’ of which he was misquoted, and which he promptly corrected, and which left his host laughing with embarrassment at not knowing what to say to such a human and direct address.  One hundred years on love yet remains a stymying proposition among narcissists, psychopaths, empire, industry, and corporations.  Handweaving is truly a most humanizing, connected action…