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Jano Modifications

A large share of my intent in the restoration of this loom is that I wanted to keep it in its early form.  However, restoration with its original hardware was impossible due to its degraded state.  With the replacement of hardware my intent then became to keep it in good, original working order.  There were a few modifications that I therefore made to make it function a bit better than it originally did.

First of all shimming the beater is essential to smooth operation, disallowing it to rub on the horizontal support metal sides.



Looking at the inside of the loom harness uprights it is apparent the the harnesses rub greatly during their cycling at the following points…





This both damages the loom and creates more resistance than needed in working the harness levers.

I cut pieces of a very slippery plastic and fastened these in place to both protect the frame and the harnesses and to allow for easier operation of the levers…