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Haskap Dye – Juiced

Juiced haskap produces a haskap sludge (top left), and a thickened juice upon refrigeration (top right).  The results of using juiced hakap in the dye pot turned out to be exactly the same as having used berries, covered in water, heated, and strained.

The end product looked exactly like the skein third from the right.


Dye pot simmering…1 hour…then cooled…

Wool Being Dyed With Haskap from the haskap orchard on Vimeo.

Harvesting Haskap

Edible blue honeysuckle (EBH) berries have a dulled blue skin.  This selection is called Tundra


…but their interior is a scarlet colour.  When picked by hand haskap does not bleed on its end (not so with honeyberries and non-varietal EBH).  When mechanically picked using a plastic bat and child’s wading pool, there is some damage.

When processing the berry into juice or cooked for syrup and jam this damage does not matter.

We harvested seventeen gallons of Borealis haskap the other day.  We collected a half gallon of juice that we will pasteurize and use for juice/dye from these seventeen gallons…


…exquisite colour.