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6 Dent Reed

It’s a reed for big braids.  45″.  I needed to order both a reed and yarn for this next project.  The Leclerc reed came first.  The yarn?  Perhaps next month.  Leclerc are people with whom it is so easy to deal.  Send an email of what you want and where it is being sent.  They send you and invoice with a PayPal link.  You pay.  They send.  And the items are always very well packaged.  Usual shipping time is within a day.  While I wait to order my heavy cotton I’ll load up my warp board… tomorrow… and start something new… not sure what…  I’ll decide tomorrow after I get up…



Maple For Jano Beater

The beater on the Jano is not directly attached to the loom’s frame itself as are later models.  Instead, the beater is simply set on a piece of round metal stock that protrudes inwardly from the lower cross beams.


Since Janos are no longer produced I had to look for someone else who had a Jano in order to request basic dimensions.  Here is an exquisite set of drawings done at my request by Bob Bellaires, whose wife, Jenny, owns a Jano and operates Daisy Hill Weaving Studio.  He made a very well engineered stand with treadles for her Jano loom which can be viewed, here.  Thank you for your drawings!












In order to fully restore this Leclerc Jano loom I need to build a new beater.  I do an extensive amount of woodwork; building the beater is not a  problem.  Getting the wood to match the loom is the greatest challenge.  Winnipeg has maple, but it is six hours away.  Checking with my local cabinet shop yielded a 4″ x 6″ x 3′ piece of maple.  This is more than enough material for this project 3x over.  The cost was $24.

…kiln dried clear maple…


…partially planed…


Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom Modification


Pictured below is a modification made to a Leclerc Dorothy table loom.  By attaching these levers to the castle of the loom the harnesses become much easier to operate.  After transportation the harness connectors need to be straightened out.  If the operator allows the levers to simply slap roughly back into place these strings will jump out of their rollers as well…

DSC00019 DSC00020 DSC00021 DSC00022 DSC00023

And in operation…

Canadian Red Cross, Leclerc 20″ Jano Table Loom: Winter Project

Today I purchased a Leclerc table loom for $70 from some photos through the Manitoba Weavers guild.  It is in need of reconditioning, but overall it looks in sound shape.  It is said to be missing the reed, but it might be missing the entire beater.  Not to worry…I can produce a beater and a reed can be purchased.  Definitely some rust on the harness frames/attachments.  It will be a great winter project…






What type is it?  It looks similar to a Dorothy, but some of the construction is wrong.  I believe that it is a  Jano.  What gives it away is the metal lateral cross member like the one in the pic of the one I bought.  It was Leclerc’s first table model.  It does not fold.  It is 20″ wide.




There is a Red Cross – Canada, sticker on the loom…


Here are some links to Red Cross usage of looms.  The first one cites a MB Weavers member in the use of looms at Deer Lodge Centre (originally the Red Cross Arts and Crafts Centre):

“Margaret Groff

“Margaret Groff’s work at the Red Cross Arts and Craft Centre (later renamed Deer Lodge Centre) sparked her interest in learning to weave.”  (http://www.mbweavers.ca/about-us/our-history/)

And other Canadian Red Cross histories of looms on the internet: