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Building A 45″ Raddle

Today I put together a raddle for my 45″ floor looms.  Our local cabinet shop had a 48″ long, 2″ x 2″ piece of clear maple.  My total cost was $28.00…list price for a Leclerc is $70…


I ripped the board in half, lengthwise – 2, 1″ x 2″ boards – and planed them.  Then I lightly penciled a line with a square down the entire length of the board and hash marked it at 1/2″ intervals.  I dimpled these hash marks with a nail.  I added a fence to my drill press and drilled out the holes that are a little smaller than the 3″ common nails.  The wood is not drilled all the way through…


Cutting off the heads of the nails the remaining stubs are sanded and smoothed.   The nails are lightly hammered into place.  The opposing block of wood is drilled with holes twice as large as the nails to ease fitting.  And the raddle is given its first treatment with boiled linseed oil…


The finished raddle…


Jano Beater Fabrication

Here’s a quick setup for routing the reed-retaining grooves on the Jano beater.  Rather than going through  the trouble of mounting my router in its table for this simple and one-time operation I screwed the sliding spacer to a 2×2 and clamped this in a Workmate table.  It produced a perfect groove of proper depth…


Here’s the finished beater for the Jano, which I had to fabricate.  Now it awaits the arrival of a 12 dent reed, 4 1/2″ high x 20 1/2″ long…




Maple For Jano Beater

The beater on the Jano is not directly attached to the loom’s frame itself as are later models.  Instead, the beater is simply set on a piece of round metal stock that protrudes inwardly from the lower cross beams.


Since Janos are no longer produced I had to look for someone else who had a Jano in order to request basic dimensions.  Here is an exquisite set of drawings done at my request by Bob Bellaires, whose wife, Jenny, owns a Jano and operates Daisy Hill Weaving Studio.  He made a very well engineered stand with treadles for her Jano loom which can be viewed, here.  Thank you for your drawings!












In order to fully restore this Leclerc Jano loom I need to build a new beater.  I do an extensive amount of woodwork; building the beater is not a  problem.  Getting the wood to match the loom is the greatest challenge.  Winnipeg has maple, but it is six hours away.  Checking with my local cabinet shop yielded a 4″ x 6″ x 3′ piece of maple.  This is more than enough material for this project 3x over.  The cost was $24.

…kiln dried clear maple…


…partially planed…