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Then She Said, ‘Look Up Randall Darwall…’

I have a great mentor.  An accomplished weaver.  Her sharing her breakthroughs are like shafts of light in my dimly lit world of looms and yarns.  Others explain.  She illuminates.  Her attention to detail.  Tolerance of innocence.  Her’s is a bodily-kenisthetic way of finding her way on a loom.  Visionary.  More colour than words.  I am so glad that she has spent the time with me that she has over the years.  There is no competition.  No parading of who she is and what she has done.  Inductive.  Intuitive.  Just her self and the warp.  To watch her work is a treat.  A master at play.  And sitting at the restaurant on Saturday brunch she laid these things out on the table.  And apologized.  APOLOGIZED!  And I laugh because that’s the genius of her greatness.  Like someone else I knew in 1992 who could draw things out of her students, and was the reason I travelled half way across a continent.  Who was the best instructor I had ever had the privilege of studying under.  That one taught epistemology; this one teaches weaving.  This one talked about failed scarves.  And newly made purses.  And interior pockets.  She said, Look up Kumihimo



And then we were on to Coptic circle weaving, and Coptic spiral weaving, and an exhibit called Ancient Spirals at the U of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  And her own attempts on linen at 36/inch, and 2/20 wool packed like tapestry at over 2 and under 2….



…and I just cannot believe my good fortune and her own holistic and inductive way of teaching.

And then it was time to go.  We hadn’t ended anything.  A weaving ellipsis.  Then she said, I went to a workshop once…hhmmm…look up Randall Darwall.