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Loom Transport And Accessories

It wasn’t a complicated trip.  I wanted to disassemble this machine and haul it in pieces but the seller seemed to be in a rush.  They knew nothing about the loom and I actually got the feeling like this was just a quick turn-around sale because after it was loaded and I started to inquire about its past they knew nothing about the loom or its history.  Sad.  Just another reflection of the depths of our alienation from one another.  Professionalism becomes a shoddy substitute for genuine community. So I finished loading and drove slowly home in a high wind with snow that sometimes limited visibility to a couple hundred yards.


There were a couple of boxes that came along with the loom, and one sort of rack that is rather unusual that I will have to find out what it is.  Today I plan to sort the material and store it in a dedicated shallow storage container, and hopefully get around to bringing the loom inside piece by piece for evaluation and to start refinishing it…