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4,400 Miles For Cotton Yarn (…And A Dog)

It started two months ago and about a dog.  A three year old yellow lab had been bounced between homes.  I have trained labrador retrievers to hunt test standards since 1992 – junior, senior, and master levels.  My teacher, knowing that my current retriever is 12 years old asked if I wanted to take this one?  Now a professional field trailer he thought that my manner would bring the best out of him.  I said, Sure.  After that I started phoning cotton mills in the Carolinas.  One of them had what I was looking for, 4/8 / 8/4 warping fibre.  And what a surprise at its cost.  In the end I bought four cartons, amounting to ~700#.  In Canada this would cost me $7,350; in the US at the mill it cost me $1,500.  Even with the monetary conversion ($2,000), GST, and diesel fuel for my pickup ($400), it was less than 1/4th the price as here, by the time I would have added GST and shipping in Canada!  (And my first $800 was non-taxable since I had been out of the country for 12 days.)


I drove through the Dakotas, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and the Carolinas.  The Great Smokey Mountains were shrouded in mist and mystery.  I stayed in friends’ homes all along my route and meandered…they are each tremendous people.


These were great people with whom to deal.  The yarn is on 4# cones and is great quality.  As I write my wife is on the way home with 16 large bins in which we will store this treasure.  And from it we will weave 400 – 500 blankets, much of which is for free distribution to homeless and those who have less access to the necessities of life.  It filled the back of my truck.

And I also came home with a free, handsome, homeless dog that shows tremendous tractability and field potential, and has already become tremendously loyal to me.  Of what more could I ask.  I feel truly blessed.