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Sewing Aside

Last fall we bought an LSZ-1 from Sailrite.  Before outdoor work really picks up here I sat down this week and sewed 48″ wide panels of treated canvas into a tarp.  It slips over the standing support.


It is gusseted around all points where the rails attach to the boat as well as over where the long tail shaft comes out of the engine.


It fastens along each side to the frame of the boat trailer with 15″ rubber bungee cords.  It is reinforced at the two front corners.  The Ultrafeed LZ-1 by Sailrite performed flawlessly through up to ten layers of heavy canvas.

sisipiskwa tracker

Sailrite LSZ-1

Sailrite makes industrial and semi-industrial sewing machines in addition to providing tools and hardware and materials for sailmaking and upholstery.  You can read their history here.


After forty years of extensive use our Singer has given out.  It far outstripped our expectations and handled canvas, denim, light leather, etc..  It really outdid itself.  We picked up a used machine for light sewing of button holes, hems, etc. at an action our local high school was having.  They are getting rid of their home economics/sewing classes (we weep).  So we bought a new Sailrite machine in November and unwrapped our Sailrite LSZ-1 Basic on Christmas.  While labeled semi-industrial it is more than powerful for our needs and sews in straight and zigzag patterns.  We are really delighted and are already envisioning ways to compliment our weaving with it.

It easily handles ten layers of canvas.  Its walking foot feeds material like a dream and is essential for heavy material and quilting as well.


This is its first usage sewing canvas strips to synthetic jute to make a coarse sling for storing woven grass mats we made over the summer.