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Loom Transport And Accessories

It wasn’t a complicated trip.  I wanted to disassemble this machine and haul it in pieces but the seller seemed to be in a rush.  They knew nothing about the loom and I actually got the feeling like this was just a quick turn-around sale because after it was loaded and I started to inquire about its past they knew nothing about the loom or its history.  Sad.  Just another reflection of the depths of our alienation from one another.  Professionalism becomes a shoddy substitute for genuine community. So I finished loading and drove slowly home in a high wind with snow that sometimes limited visibility to a couple hundred yards.


There were a couple of boxes that came along with the loom, and one sort of rack that is rather unusual that I will have to find out what it is.  Today I plan to sort the material and store it in a dedicated shallow storage container, and hopefully get around to bringing the loom inside piece by piece for evaluation and to start refinishing it…


12 Hours Driving To Buy My Loom

Yesterday I drove 12 hours round trip in order to bring a loom back to this place in the north that is my home, and home to my friends – white, aboriginal, and Metis – and which is now an even better place because this beautiful machine has been rescued from neglect and now provides another way for me to simply work in this solitary place.  There are no adequate words for the vastness of the north or of yesterday’s trip – beautiful in-and-of-itself – where I saw no one on the road for hours and no radio was needed.  Twelve hours of a vast land, peace and quiet, areas of desolation, not even a small snippet of which is hinted at on these videos below.  Very content with simple things…