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Sorting Threads And Yarns

Cotton – Orlon – Linen

Last night I sorted all threads, yarns, and cloth that I had received with the two looms I purchased last winter/spring.  Better aware of what these are I disposed of lesser quality products.  I was quite happy that I had as many warp threads as I do.  There is a preponderance of cotton.  There are a few spools of orlon, and four of linen.  Most of the coloured thread is cotton, with some wool and synthetics.  I have a good amount of waft wool from Holland.  The cotton spools will be good for me to practise on this winter before I move into wool.  Again, quite a haul of free materials; it seems that when people want to get out of weaving, they are happy to get rid of everything.  Which can be good fortune for those who are buying used looms


DSC00021 DSC00022