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Spooling Rack

In preparation for adding a sectional warping beam to one of my floor looms I refurbished a custom-built spooling rack.  I unloaded, cleaned, assembled, and modified the spooling rack.  The frame is built from gold coloured galvanized channel steel material manufactured by TNB – Superstrut (#A-1200-HS).

Assembled at point of purchase…


…cleaned and partially reassembled here…



Following up on this refurbishing I bought, cut, and drilled more TNB – Superstrut (galvanized but not gold)…


…and bolted together the top of the frame.  This worked to disallow lateral play in the top of the rack, but it can still twist.  I will do something to remedy the twist once this is installed in the shop at a later time…


Spooling Rack

This spooling rack came with the loom.  Holes along the uprights allow for rods to be inserted and spools held while loading a warping rack.  It needs a light sanding and light refinishing, which I will accomplish this morning.  It’s in good shape.