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Rotary Wool Cleaner (2)

Today I spent the day filing the edges smooth, removing any metal burrs/ribbons, drilling the barrel, cutting hardware cloth to size, riveting it into place, and mounting the 2 x 4 bats inside the wool cleaner.  I still have some strips of metal to install that will cover certain exposed edges of the hardware cloth and not allow the wool to catch when it is being spun…




Rotary Wool Cleaner

It starts with a steel barrel… DSC00027

…using an angle grinder I opened the barrel to allow the flow of air through the fleece once the installation of hardware cloth on the inside is complete…


…I predrilled 2″ x 4″ x 32″ bats inside to assist in both making the barrel more rigid, and to cause more agitation of fibre as the drum revolves…


…the bats will be removed and the mesh will be installed tomorrow and a plywood disc cut to close the other end.