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Cotton Yarn Storage

These bins will hold 10, 4# cones of 8/4 spun cotton yarn…or 40#’s.  They measure 29 x 20 x 15 inches and hold 102 litres.  They cost $12/ea.

This is the pattern of how we stack the cones inside the bins.


We could use mothballs.  It is toxic to both insects…and humans.  But cotton is not susceptible to attack by moths.  There may be other reasons to use it such as its repellence to mice.  Mothballs need to be used in air tight containers and containers need to be stored in a location outside of human occupation.  We will keep an eye on our containers and see if we need to use them, although we doubt it.


I’m unloading the back of my truck today directly into these bins and then these will be hauled to the back of our shed and await placement in our weaving shop once it’s completed.


Unloaded Wool…What Next?

Ever since last Tuesday my life in this solitary place has been a whirlwind.  I live here because of the sweetness that I experience in nature on every side here.  Sometimes that gets shattered – like a friend of mine who looked out of her house recently to see young men on snowmobiles purposefully running over threes that she had planted as an attempt to restore a field on her property back into woods.  But the whirlwind that I name in this post today is not negative at all, but just one where things unfolded all too quickly over the past five days and from which I am only now catching my breath.  Again, as on the day that I was given my wool…


…so over the next several days my truck needed immediate (emergency) use.  So after unloading the bags of wool…

…Merino wool…

…I was (barely) able to pull the rest of the wool off of the truck bed by heaving on the tarp…


…it was covered and that’s where it has lain for the past several days as I now start to think through how to wash and then store it in bulk?  …and where?


I am thinking that perhaps a metal watering trough would make a great wash basin that will allow me to process large lots at a time. More wool will be forthcoming this summer.  And I have had a volunteer say that they will come and help…and so I’m thinking that if help arrives that I can offer to supply them with washed, mordanted, haskap-dyed wool as a thank you?  It would be nice… :)