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Original Leclerc Loom Tie-Ups


fullsizeoutput_291bTie-ups are used to connect the lams to the treadles of a loom.  On more modern looms various labour and time saving methods have been devised with which to do this.  But on older looms there is often simply a closed screw eye loop on the lam and another on the treadle.  There is nothing on the internet to show how these were originally installed.  In Oscar Beriau’s book, Home Weaving (both 1939 and 1947 editions) this method is illustrated.  The use of cotton cord is originally used since hardware only interferes with treadle movement; any added hardware installed on an older loom is an upgrade for the sake of convenience and should be removed.




Newly Acquired Parts Inventory

I thought at the time that these were replacement heddles for the Nilart.  But upon inspection today, they are not.  They are 2″ too short!  But they will fit on either the Mira or Fanny (an upgrade!), which take 10 1/2″ heddles.  A 12 dent reed at 45″ requires 540 heddles.  I have 200 more than that…

739 – Spare heddles (inserted eye (small), 10 1/2″)
103 – Spare heddles (inserted eye (large), 10 1/2″)
12 – Repair heddles (wire, 10 1/2″)

As for the other accessories that came with the Nilart:

1 – Loom crank
131 – Canvas tacks
13 – Treadle hooks
Tie-Ups (coloured cord)