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Leclerc Nilart Tool Fabrication

On some models of Leclerc hand looms square bolt heads are used.  Accessing these bolt heads becomes a problem when the heads are recessed.  The 12-point sockets that might work are much larger than the recesses in which these bolt heads are housed.  Likewise, the crescent wrenches that match the bolt head wind up being too broad to be able to fit in the recess as well.  Tired of improvising (this is not the first of these encounters) I found a cheap, off-brand wrench in my tool box that fits – 9/16″…


…I then used a low-speed electric bench grinder to slowly remove metal parallel to the inner upper and lower jaws, flattening the external shape of the head to match.  After I had achieved this, while leaving a substantial amount of metal, it still did not quite fit the cavity around the bolt head…


I then rounded the edges of the crescent.  And it fit!


Using a crescent wrench with a box end opposite, allowed me to use a screw driver in order to firmly tighten the bolt…