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Original Leclerc Loom Tie-Ups


fullsizeoutput_291bTie-ups are used to connect the lams to the treadles of a loom.  On more modern looms various labour and time saving methods have been devised with which to do this.  But on older looms there is often simply a closed screw eye loop on the lam and another on the treadle.  There is nothing on the internet to show how these were originally installed.  In Oscar Beriau’s book, Home Weaving (both 1939 and 1947 editions) this method is illustrated.  The use of cotton cord is originally used since hardware only interferes with treadle movement; any added hardware installed on an older loom is an upgrade for the sake of convenience and should be removed.




Refinishing Of Breast Frame

This was the dirtiest and most water stained part of this loom. It looked as if this part had snow on it at some point because of the water marks and the corrosion on the hardware at the bottom; there were no water marks on the bottom of the rear frame, so it’s not as if the entire machine sat in standing water.





Treadle Disassembly

The most damaged part of this loom are the treadles.  There are water stains on the treadle cross member and the metal is well corroded.  The wood and metal themselves are still sound, but need to be reworked…


…the treadle rod is welded on one end…


…but the other end is just peened, so I lightly ground this end until it could be removed from the cast treadle bracket…



…and rather than replace the treadle hardware I decided to keep the original equipment, which polished up well with some work…