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Leclerc Vertical Warping Mill

While loading the 90″ loom to bring it home there were extra pieces that did not match the loom.  While unloading I set these aside.  It did not take long to realize that these were the parts to a vertical warping mill.  It is built by Leclerc and needs to be refurbished but it is in great shape.  It now retails for $750 but came free with the 90″ loom…



Warping Board Reconditioned

A warping board came with the second loom that we purchased last spring.  It was a homemade board, and roughly made, which is really all that anyone needs.  I have the greatest admiration for people who make their own weaving equipment/tools on any level…



There was a problem…the pegs were loose.  I used it a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  The more warp I loaded the more the pegs bent toward the centre of the board.  This condition did not render it unusable, but it made for the warp to want to work its way off the pegs as I progressed.  I knew it had to be fixed; it was too good to throw away.  I began by removing finishing nails that held the pegs in place.  The nails were too small a diameter to do any real mechanical good, I’d have to replace them with larger diametre common nails on the rebuild, which while not as aesthetically pleasing, would actually exert a great deal more mechanical advantage.  I planed the disassembled frame itself.  Then I dadoed the ends to form an actual joint at the corners which would stop it from transforming from a rectangle into a parallelogram, and consequently of compromising the warp while it is in the process of being loaded.  I trimmed the original wood glue off of the pegs, mixed epoxy, coated the holes, set the pegs back into place, and used new 2″ common nails in new pilot holes to anchor the pegs.  Overnight the epoxy solidified nicely.  I also trimmed the bolts in the corners to a shorter length so that they would not interfere with loading any warp in the future.  I started treating it with boiled linseed oil, which dries to a hard finish; it brought out some of the beauty inherent in the wood on this board.  This frame will be hung on the wall in the Weaver’s Loft once it is ready to house weaving equipment.  I am really pleased with how this turned out…simple and beautiful.  Certainly an example of all that is needed to start to be successful in weaving.  I will build another warping board that is heftier and which will accept a larger warp this winter.