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Trimming Washed Nilart Canvases

I removed and washed the canvases once this Leclerc Nilart 12 harness loom made it home with me.  Canvases were attached with staples.  A stout, dull letter opener was able to be inserted between the staples and the cloth without cutting the later. Canvases should be attached with carpentry tacks.  Carpentry tacks may have come with the original unit, as there was a pack of them included in the items that I brought home with the loom.  Washing made the canvases much cleaner.  I washed them in hot water; I did not put them through the drier.  The pockets that hold the warping bars frayed.  Today I trimmed these pockets, a necessity as these threads can get in the way and hinder attachment of the warp.



Washing Warp Beam And Cloth Beam Canvases

Today I took the canvases off of the warp and cloth beams.  These were tacked on and came off fairly easily using a small flat screw driver, a lot of pressure to insert it under the head and prying gently and slowly.  Both canvases were very dirty…an indication that it had been neglected in a dirty area.  At first I used a gentle soap in cold water on delicate cycle; the canvas was in a mesh bag.  It came out dirty.  So I used Tide on cold water, and a regular cycle.  This cleaned them well and then I stretched them by hand and hung them to dry.  This was more than satisfactory.