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Insulating Weaving Shop Storage Area

Before the interior of the weaving shop which houses the Draper loom can be started an attached 15′ x 20′ storage area needs to be completed.  Two walls are now finished and a third insulated today.  The ceiling needs to be put up after the metal is put on the long outside wall (right) and the centre wall is done.  After this then storage units need to be built, items put in, and then the work on the area of the Draper and work tables can begin.  Work on this goes along as the weather is rainy outside…usually at least a few hours early every morning.


Yarn Storage

…is always a monster with which to deal.  The more you weave, the more yarn you need, or at least seem to accumulate!  Yesterday we got up a stairway to the storage area located above our weaving shop.  It was a long and hard day to get the landing built and stairs put up.  But this will make access to our yarn stored above the shop much easier!


Weaving Shop Update

Building a weaving shop inside a shed provides storage above the shop.  Over 1″ lumber I applied rolled roofing and sealed the seams.  Wool and cotton are already stored there, but will be more easily accessed with stairs.  And a laminated maple top rescued while on its way to the dump and restored is now a workbench that will serve as a place for planing and finer loom-related projects…

The Best Christmas Eve Day Ever!

Today my wife and I worked together to install the laminated post-and-beam support that will allow us almost thirty feet of unhindered shop space for our Draper Model D power loom.  There are only two more twenty foot lengths to install along the side walls and we can start putting up rafters.  It’s just one more step closer to producing blankets for free for those who have less access to them…I was naked and you clothed me.  The only thing better will be going to church this evening where I play liturgy on guitar with two others.  Merry Christmas!

Pouring Cement Power Loom Slab

Yesterday I was up and working at 5 a.m. making the final preparations for pouring our power loom slab.  The sun came up to -5 C outside…-3 C inside the shed.  My friends arrived at 8 a.m. and the first truck came at 8:30 a.m..  Three trucks hauling 5 1/2 yards apiece ran short by a yard of material.  It was my miscalculation.  We had to order one more truck with two yards of material…one yard for another project on our farm.

Here’s our progress as of the second truck while we awaited the arrival of the third…


Floating the first pour (a sump is shown so that we can wash down the shop, collect it there, and pump it out)…


…and the finished job…


At 4 p.m. there was still frost on the grass on the north side of our shed…


A 115,000 BTU heater raised the shed temperature from 3 C to 20 C in the last hour.  Now comes the cure as I await the cement to set enough for me to use a power trowel…

I’m pretty happy and not a little relieved that this is done.  The temperatures are supposed to be cool, but not much below freezing at night for the next week.