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Wool Fleece Storage

Yesterday we had a wind storm…90 kph/55mph winds that ripped the roofs off of two of our sheds and lifted the lid on one of our fleece storage containers.  Sealed with plastic, plywood, and a tarp, I was pleased today to find that in its three years it has not moulded or experienced insect damage.  I will seal it again tomorrow…

Did You Know? (Urine, Pt. 1)

The second process in preparing wool for spinning is scouring.  Wool has a natural grease, suint, that is removed by washing the wool in a warm weak alkaline solution; traditionally stale urine (which produces a solvent, ammonium hydroxide) was used.

The Primary Textile Industry In Canada – McCullough, p. 13


Fermented suint for cleaning fleeces – https://mozfiberlife.wordpress.com/fsm/

Wool Fibre

We recently bought the following wool skeins/hanks:

  • Janice Kraemer, 102 skeins, merino-mix wool, 4 ply


  • Wilde Yarn Mill (out-of-business), wool, 28 cones (straw), 1 cone (nutmeg), 2 cones (brown)
  • ? , 4 cones – large (nutmeg), wool


  • Janice Kraemer, Merino, 99 skeins, 4 ply, 300 yards/skein


Wilde Yarn Mill, 9 hanks, 4 ply, warping


Wilde Yarn Mill, 22 hanks, 4 ply


?, 9 hanks, 3 ply


…all for $50.  We cannot believe how fortunate we have been when it comes to acquiring weaving supplies.  Thank you to those who were involved.  We are grateful…


Sorting Threads And Yarns

Cotton – Orlon – Linen

Last night I sorted all threads, yarns, and cloth that I had received with the two looms I purchased last winter/spring.  Better aware of what these are I disposed of lesser quality products.  I was quite happy that I had as many warp threads as I do.  There is a preponderance of cotton.  There are a few spools of orlon, and four of linen.  Most of the coloured thread is cotton, with some wool and synthetics.  I have a good amount of waft wool from Holland.  The cotton spools will be good for me to practise on this winter before I move into wool.  Again, quite a haul of free materials; it seems that when people want to get out of weaving, they are happy to get rid of everything.  Which can be good fortune for those who are buying used looms


DSC00021 DSC00022


DSC00010…but a face that I can love! :)

I plugged the holes yesterday and sealed cracks.  This morning at 6:00 a.m. I was outside and made a reinforced plywood top, applied silicone to all seams, put a foam gasket along the top of the wagon, and laid plastic and a tarp to waterproof the lid.  Then I took guests fishing; it rained mid-afternoon.  My truck is now back in service after sitting in a shed for the past couple of weeks loaded with fibre. The bin is full and serves its purpose, namely, to get my wool protected until I am done farming and can clean it.  100 fleeces are now under cover and awaiting cleaning.  I really am looking forward to using it…

Wool Storage

It’s not much to look at.  It’s not galvanized…but it is steel.  It’s got holes, but they can be plugged.  It’s free.  And it needs to be cleaned up.  And it will work well for wool storage.  It’s just the start of shopping around for several of these.  And I am humbled and even grateful that I can reuse something that is seemingly potentially just clutter in someone’s bush line.  Today I was asked by my neighbour if I was available to help sheer his sheep, and to take his wool away in the near future.  I said, You betcha!


Storing Wool


Yesterday I realized that my Farmec 181 grain hopper box would make a perfect storage bin for wool.  It is roughly 120 cubic feet/100 bushels…10 feet long and 6 feet across.  I scoured it out…


Today I cut a plywood top, painted it, attached sides as a way to secure it and protect against water infiltration. I sealed all openings with silicone.  I transferred all wool into it.  Then I covered the wool with a plastic sheet which overhung the bin.  The top was set in place.  I then placed another plastic sheet over the top and tied this all down with a tarp.  It is insect-proof and water-tight.  I may add a screen on one end and a small fan at the other for aeration in the future.







I will look for other hopper bins that are for sale for reasonable prices…